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Dread Spirits
Recent Entries 
27th-Mar-2008 01:51 am - Hello.
I just found this community and thought id join.
Ive had dreadlocks for almost 16 years now, I love em! Theyre not in the best condition though after 12 years of bleaching O-; - But thank goodness for extensions!
9th-Feb-2008 03:49 pm - Just saying hello.
Hi, I am new to the community and I just wanted to say a general hello. I have had dreads going on the 6 month mark now. So, hi!
19th-Jan-2008 06:42 pm - pictures of me
this is probably the scariest thing you will ever see but it's so funny I had to post it

right this way pleaseCollapse )
28th-Nov-2007 02:35 pm - lets see some more posts?
 Hey all,

I've had my dreads for almost two and a half months now and i still love them....more every day 
my mother is adjusting to them she's almost over it.
i saw my sister on thanksgiving she said they were very  "me"
my four year old son Damien loves them he plays with my hair while i read him stories at bed time
i'm still planning on having them for a long time.

how is everyone? all like 7 members?

i want to get my camera fixed so i can get some decent quality pictures at some point...sorry for the shitty ones
I have long nails and when I used both hands and itch my scalp - its like heaven. Borderline orgasm really lol it feels so great. I wonder why that is - it was never like that before I had dreads....

16th-Nov-2007 12:39 pm - Dread hats....ideas, patterns?
So there was someone on GUDU that posted that he cut the top of a hat off that didnt fit over his dreads and it made a great headband. I thought it would be a great idea to post and get some hat ideas.

I have bought just one dread "tam" and hated it. Not into the rasta/tam look personally - so usually i wear one of my head wraps OR one of the ones I have knitted. Knitting dread hats in the "chemo hat" pattern is actually really easy and fun. Let me know if you knit and want the pattern.

Also i have only seen the hats on Knotty Boy and they are HELLA expensive! Anyone have any hat ideas or have bought one in a cool place?
15th-Nov-2007 09:31 am - ~Welcome~
Welcome everyone to our new Community - DREAD SPIRITS

We created this community as a place where dread heads, wanna-be dreads heads, and friends and family of dread heads can commune.

Do you have a question that you think has been asked before but you want a personal response or to talk to a community of dreadies to bounce your questions off of? Ask away, we would love to share what has worked for us and what hasnt.

Our only two rules - please keep the energy positive and if you have more than two photos - please hide it behind a cut! Thats it!

We hope this community serves as a meeting place for all of the positive energy our dreads hold...a place to share memories, experiences, photos, and more.

Thanks for stopping in...

Your mods,


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